“A Different Way of Being Baptist”


Congregation members at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church come from varied backgrounds and worship traditions. Our goal is to provide worship opportunities that embody the whole nature of God where worshipers can interact with the Holy Spirit through mind, heart, soul, and body.

As a general framework, we use the church year to organize our broader liturgical strokes. Each Sunday, worship is based on a given theme—a theme that is tied closely to Scripture texts and the liturgical season/day. The music and worship at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church reflect the church body, for we are an open-minded congregation seeking vitality and faithfulness in our worship of God. We are a people greatly shaped by our Baptist worship heritage, particularly the idea of liturgical freedom. At the same time, we also maintain and nurture a strong ecumenical environment through the use of three main sources: the church year, the best of ancient Christian worship traditions, and vital and faithful ecumenical resources through a variety of musical styles, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines.