Telling Our Story Series- The Hansons

Joyce Hanson's earliest memory at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church is of singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" while marching around with her friends in the church nursery, then located in what would become the "Scout Hut." Her parents, who owned and operated a local service station, came to HAB and brought their children every Sunday. Her father, Bob Ashley, served on committees, and the family became involved in many ways. This connection with the church has been a consistent source of encouragement, support, and fellowship for Joyce, and her husband Malcolm, ever since.

As a young couple, the two became members at HAB and almost immediately started attending a couples’ Sunday school class. Throughout the years, the Hansons have served in many, practically EVERY, capacity as part of the HAB community. Joyce says that over the years their ability to volunteer often changed but they always found a way to connect based on the season of life. For example, when their children were young, they volunteered with children and youth ministries. Some may recall the Bible drill practices during elementary school led by Joyce! The couple has also taught mission classes, book studies, and are part of the kitchen ministry team helping to prepare, serve, and clean up during our Wednesday night suppers. The Hansons would be quick to point out, however, that their choice to volunteer in various capacities over the years isn't really about what they are doing; it is about what God is doing through them.

As Joyce shared about her and Malcolm's involvement in different ways, one thing was evident; the joy of the Lord is their motivation, their strength. Describing their experience serving at Sulzbacher Center as part of the monthly supper team and weekly volunteering at United Community Outreach Ministry, Joyce smiles broadly and shares how they both see God working in the lives of those they serve. One thing she mentioned was how even the smallest things make such a big difference. For example, as they deliver Meals on Wheels, they get to be a part of something special for the recipients, many of whom have no company other than when their meals are dropped off. Often, they have to remember they can't visit too long so they can keep on schedule for their route!


Through service and active involvement over the years, the Hansons have developed many life-long friendships. These friendships have served to encourage and support them in times of illness, grief, and life transitions. When speaking with Joyce, it is clear that she and Malcolm do not think of "church" as something they do, but part of who they are, the body of Christ, the hands and feet of Jesus. As they worship, pray, study, and serve, their experience of God's love has led them to love their community well.


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