A Tribute to Church Mothers

by Claire Chinn, Minister of Children and Mission

Church has always been a central focus for our family—it is something I always knew. Oddly enough, it took me until I was a minister here to actually understand. It took until I watched my mom hold Lynn Harper’s hand and help her plant a sunflower to understand. It took until I watched my mom so lovingly care for the residents of The Towers of Jacksonville every month.


The church has allowed me to have an entire church of mothers who have been shining examples of Christ’s love.


Church is central for my family not because it is another social outing, but because church lays the foundation for our purpose, for our love, for everything we do. The women in this church have set that example for me my entire life. It is the women of the church who have taught me how to care, love, and share my faith. Watching the women of the church sit by their friend’s bed before and after surgery, holding another’s hand while they buried a loved one, writing cards to other folks just because— these women have set the example of a Christian life for me.


While Mother’s Day can be difficult for some, Mother’s Day reminds me that this church is filled with women who care and love, who act unselfishly in a way that I can only try to live up to.


To all the women of this church, thank you. Thank you for fiercely living out the Gospel truth in such a way that paves the way for other women.