Sunday Bible Study at HAB

One of the most exciting places around HAB is Sunday Bible Study (also known as Sunday School). We have nearly 20 classes ranging from children and youth, and special ed, all the way up to senior adults. Some of our classes are grouped according to age or life-stages. Some of our classes are grouped according to interest or affinity. All of our classes, however, are centered on great teachers, a strong sense of fellowship and community, and above all the search for truth and meaning in the Bible.

Classes begin at 9:45 a.m. except on Sundays that we have a combined worship service. Please check our Calendar to determine if we are having our regular scheduled worship services or a combined service. For a visual of how to navigate our campus, see our Campus Map.

In addition to meeting on Sunday mornings, we also have classes (or small groups) that meet throughout the week in various places. Each class or small group leader does his or her very best to promote an atmosphere of honesty and openness, where participants can freely ask questions and “think aloud.” With a genuine desire to honestly reflect the truth and reality of Scripture, Bible study at HAB is both challenging and fun at the same time!

Adult Division

Join this dynamic community of senior adults as they faithfully explore the relationship between life, faith, and the Scriptures.

Coed Classes

  • Rosamond Class: Taught by Tom Rosamond (Room D-5/6)
  • Discovery Class: Taught by Bill English, Carle Felton, Cynthia Goff, Jack Mitchell, among other leaders (Room D-2)
  • Matteson Class: Taught by John Matteson (Room E-4)
  • The Journey Class: Young couples, taught by Judy & Robert Kermitz and Preston Callison (Room E-6)
  • Genesis Class: Ages 25-35, taught by Dawson McQuaig, Jr. (Room E-1)

Ladies’ Classes

  • Agape Class: Taught by Mary Ann Denmark, Barbara Jay, and Sally Lott (Room E-5)

Men’s Classes

  • “That Class:” Taught by Lee Hutchins (Room D-1)
  • Alert Class: Taught by Frank Metcalf (Room D-4b)

Special Education Class

  • Rainbow Class: Special needs adults, taught by Christi Matteson and Malcolm Hanson (Back of gym—downstairs)

Short-Term Intergenerational Class

  • Fresh Encounters Class: Various short-term coed intergenerational classes throughout the year (Room E-2)

Youth Division

Middle School: Gym—upstairs
High School: Gym—upstairs

Children’s Division

Grades K-2: Amy Reese (Room E-12)
Grades 3-5: Sue Wilson and Jessie Callison (Room E-14)

Preschool Division

Babies & Ones: Our dedicated volunteers (Rooms B-1/2)
Twos, Threes, & Fours: Sarah Cooke and Lee Gautney (Room B-2)

Other Sunday Bible Study Leaders

Sunday Bible Study Team Leader: Karen Heistand
Minister of Christian Education: Anne England
Minister of Youth and Mission: Britt Hester