Embracing Our Community

It’s been said that “missions at HAB isn’t just something we do… missions is who we are.” This is indeed the case concerning HAB mission ministries. At HAB, we believe that missions and service are at the heart of the Gospel. And so just as Jesus Christ shared and served among others, we are called to do the same. At HAB, missions is all about making the Church and the world a better place to live and bringing the hopeful message of Jesus Christ to the world.

If you would like to volunteer your time in community engagements, please let us know!

The following is a brief description of each mission ministry with which HAB partners and a link to their website:


This team works as the local representation of the worldwide Habitat for Humanity ministry, which builds homes in dozens of countries all over the world. The HabiJax team is part of the local Presbyterian/Baptist Coalition and builds homes throughout the year in the Jacksonville area.

Stepping Stones

This team works with the friends of the Mental Health Resource Center, providing them with seasonal activities such as a Christmas celebration and a Thanksgiving feast.

Sulzbacher Center

This team does a wide variety of ministries at the Sulzbacher Shelter, located in downtown Jacksonville.

  1. Cooking, preparing, and serving meals on the third Monday evening of every month.
  2. Reading and tutoring with children on the first Tuesday evening of every month.
  3. Assisting families who are transitioning out of the Sulzbacher Shelter into permanent housing. This includes collecting and delivering household items, furniture, and beds to families.

The Well at Springfield

Along with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida, we are partnering with this new church start in the Springfield neighborhood of urban Jacksonville in a variety of ways. We not only help provide resources for the church planter and church planting team, but also volunteer to support their community social ministries. The Well has been meeting since March of 2011, and they are committed to being a source of spiritual and social renewal in this under-resourced part of Jacksonville.

UCOM (United Community Outreach Ministry)

United Community Outreach Ministries is an association of Southside churches who have come together to meet the needs of the community through food drives.