Our Church History

Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church (or HAB as it’s known throughout our community) is both a place of great hope and great responsibility in Jacksonville and around the world! We have a humble but honorable history that has been lived out for over 65 years in 25 different countries.

Yesterday. . .

It was in 1945 that a small group of men, women, and children of faith first met to worship God in the Southside/San Marco area of town. Not long after that, they purchased 14 acres of land at 4001 Hendricks Avenue.

Focusing on reverence in worship, ministry to youth and children, and an awareness of the work of God around the world, Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church quickly became known as a significant church in Jacksonville and northeast Florida.

Today. . .

Our former pastor Dr. Jack A. Snell once said, “The three most important things about HAB are people, people, and people.” Whether that means affirming women in ministry or creating a one-of-a-kind athletic league for children…HAB is centered on the reality of God’s grace and presence in an ecumenical and inter-religious global environment. Discovering God in others is a foundational concept at HAB…one that we’re both proud and humbled by.

Tomorrow. . .

The best days of HAB are ahead! We hope that you find this to be true, as you discover that HAB is truly “a place of grace.”

(Pictures by Tim Rucci)