Hendricks Avenue Baseball League

It goes without saying that at the heart of HAB’s recreation program is the idea of “re-creation.” And we have a long history of “re-creating” together through our current Hendricks Avenue Baseball League. With over 500 participants, the HAB Recreation Ministry plays a healthy and valuable role in the development of both the body and the soul. Focusing on the principles of good sportsmanship, fair play, and fun, the coaches at HAB strive to treat every child and parent with care, dignity, and respect.

The first local church-athletic league of its kind (dating back to the 1950’s), the HAB Recreation Ministry has contributed to numerous people’s lives… embodying the reality of the kindness of Christ, while at the same time modeling a spirit of ecumenism and diversity. Regardless of a child’s skill level or experience in sports… all are invited to come and play!